Holiday Season Inbru Coffee Flavors

This holiday season, enjoy the scents and flavors of the season… without calories! With the delightful seasonal flavors from Inbru Coffee Flavors, such as Pumpkin Pie, Cinnamon Stick, Peppermint Bark and Toasted Chestnut, you can sip on the comforts of the season with the coffee beans you already have at home. With Inbru, the secret... View Article

Chocolate Pizza

Chocolate Pizza and Peanut Butter Wings – a Winning Combo Move over pizza and wings, there’s new combo in town! A decadent Chocolate Pizza with a side of Peanut Butter Wings… this is sheer indulgence! The combination of pizza and wings is a staple for all kinds of parties from watching the big game to... View Article

Kid-friendly healthcare solutions!

me4kidz offers the largest array of kid-friendly healthcare solutions on the market. Items like First Aid and wellness kits, antibacterial wipes, cold packs, bandages and more are all non-toxic, BPA-free, recyclable, earth-friendly, lead-free and latex-free. The products are all pediatrician-approved and bridge the gap between private label and licensed brands. me4kidz offers products for people... View Article

Yellow Scope

In 4th grade, most girls say they like science. But by the 8th grade, the numbers drop dramatically as girls lose interest and confidence in science. This trend continues beyond school. Although women make up half of the total workforce, they make up only a quarter of the jobs in science and technology fields. Yellow... View Article

Squid Socks known for their Silicone dots!

The first ever baby socks with Silicone dots on inside cuff to keep them on! We’ve all been there, socks rolling down and falling off or your little one tugging them off. Squid Socks has the answer, silicone dots.  These adorable, 100% polyester (yay, no shrinking!), socks contain little silicone dots on the inside to help keep baby’s socks... View Article

Close the gap with Unbelts!

 Unbelt the perfect fit for everyone!Loves hips from 0-24X Flexible, adjustable stretch band 1/8″-thick all-metal buckle Washable in your belt loops All-metal hardware! Guaranteed to last… Your Unbelt’s hardware makes it versatile. Throw it over a dress, or do that effortless half-tucked-in shirt thing. You’ll be buckle-bulk-free either way. Hypoallergenic zinc alloy Recycled metal won’t set off... View Article

The world’s first chin supporting travel neck pillow

BCOZZY revolutionized Neck Pillow  The BCOZZY pillow is not your average travel pillow, it also helps people with disabilities like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer or with other neck and back problems that are forcing them to sit and sleep in a chair, elderly people that find it hard to hold their head and those who use... View Article

The last picture frame you will buy!

Vista Frames believes in doing good by creating things that look good in your home. They collect polystyrene (Styrofoam) from all over the world, process it into tiny pellets, and turn it into the material used for the frames. All the while keeping it out of landfills! Even better than that, Vista frames help preserve your pictures... View Article

The Duop System

Duop™ was originally developed for professional cleaners to help reduce common repetitive strain injuries, to reduce bending, kneeling and wrist flexion, which not only reduces injury risk but also makes cleaning dramatically faster and easier. Patents pending.The Duop™ is a new kind of mop that uses a unique ball-and-socket mechanism to make cleaning work easier and... View Article


Intelligent accessories for your gadgets!   Switch International created a brand that combines the best features o the  Nordic design, simplicity and quality, with the latest creative technology. The result are lifestyle tech accessories that enable your gadgets to do even more. BuddyPhones are the best headphones for kids with unique design and sharing technology allowing kids to listen and enjoy safely. BuddyPhones... View Article


Jennifer Ritchie,IBCLC, is the founder and owner of Milkalicious, Inc.  She is a professional breastfeeding specialist trained to help mothers with a variety of issues including latching difficulties, painful nursing, low milk production, inadequate weight gain, and induced lactation. In addition to her one on one help, Jennifer is also the author of I Make... View Article


“For every product we sell, we donate a % of our profits to orphanages around the world. We want to CHANGE the world, one baby, at a time.” HIPSTER™ PLUS 3D Baby Carrier The last carrier you’ll ever need.  The HIPSTER™ PLUS versatile 3D carrier gives you up to 9 different ways to carry your... View Article

Hearthy Foods

Who says that you can’t have your cake and eat it too.. Tasty, Healthy and Gluten-free free cake that is!!!  Thanks to Hearthy Foods, you can. Hearthy Foods have created the finest gluten-free desserts & baking flours. A few of the yummy options are: Almond FlourYou will experience the very best, tastiest and most delicious almond flour. If you have... View Article

Flightline Travel LLC

Structured. Streamlined. Minimalist yet large enough to hold your travel essentials. slim, well designed in-flight travel kit designed to hold all of her travel essentials without having to access under-the-seat or overhead storage. Bringing your important documents, items for your personal comfort, and your favorite reading and writing materials to your fingertips during long flights,... View Article


eggnots® is a dyeable ceramic replacement for Easter eggs. eggnots are exactly what their name says, they are not eggs!  eggnots are the first allergy-free, dyeable Easter egg alternative! Made of high-quality ceramic, eggnots look and feel just like a real egg.  They are vegan-friendly and 100% safe for those with egg allergies. eggnots are... View Article

Herb and Lous

Herb & Lou’s Infused Cubes are a careful concoction of some of the best-sourced ingredients in the world. That means Grade-A cocktails with nothing but a shake or stir. Our cubes are pre-mixed and ready to mingle with a variety of liquors (and seltzer too!). We like to call ‘em almost ready-made cocktails… just add your... View Article

Game Night!!! with Endless Games

The Sleepover Party GameBreak out the sleeping bags and leave the lights on. It’s a SLEEPOVER PARTY and we’re staying up late! Spin the spinner and attempt to complete one of over 200 ACT IT, WORK IT, or PARTY Challenges. Be the Human Mirror and copy everything another player does! Take Part in the “Funny... View Article


Mozi a geometric are spinner that transforms into mystical entertainment when taken out for a ride. mozi spins continuously as it travels up and down, from one arm to another, or as you pass it to a friend. Place your hand through the ring, raise your arm, and let Mozi roll. Mozi moves best on bare... View Article

Curoxen – All natural anti-biotic ointment

CUROXEN; When Science Meets NatureCUROXEN (kyur-OX-in) is a first aid ointment that is made from organic olive oil, oxygen, calendula and lavender essential oil. Yes, that’s it! Its amazing healing power comes from a proprietary oxygenation process, that amplifies olive oil’s inherent antimicrobial properties by combining it with oxygen, essential for cell repair. This oxygenated organic olive oil... View Article

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